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First I will see if her saran doll ¬†hair is worth saving. Here’s what I’ll need:

*Saving her hair 102

* mild shampoo


*KatScrub Doll Cleaner

Her hair has a tobacco smell and a few grease spots in it. First I wash her hair with the shampoo before washing it out I am going to add some KatScrub Doll Cleaner to the bad spots, like the grease. Now I let it sit for 20 to 30 Minutes. I come back and rinse out the shampoo and the KatScrub doll Cleaner. It all came out Hey!!! Now I put the conditioner on and let it sit a few minutes. I rinse it out well and she is ready for a new hairdo after I replace the missing hair plugs. If the saran doll hair does not look good I will need to replace it which I will continue in the next blog: How to Reroot your Vinyl dolls Saran Hair.


Lets Get Ready to Clean our Vinyl Doll

We need: *KatScrub Doll Cleaner, *Soft toothbrush, *Several clean cloths

Your poor girl in her present state is not like you remembered her. Dirty and not well taken care of. The first thing I do is take some KatSilk Doll Cleaner and a clean cloth and wipe all the doll surfaces. I will let this sit for about 20 to 30 minutes. I have come back and now I will wash all the surfaces with a mild dishwashing soap and scrub the crevices with a soft toothbrush to remove all the built up dirt. I dry her off with a clean towel. Does she still look dirty or have some grease spots that haven’t come clean? Apply the KatSilk doll cleaner full strength on the bad areas and let it sit for several hours, and repeat the above process.

Now she is finally clean. That’s a lot better. Her hair and makeup still need some work.

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